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Transdev NL, The Mobility House, Heliox, Ebusco

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Use Case

Using an innovative new hybrid charging system and smart control units to meet challenges of network capacity limitations


What is happening

The CONNEXXION Amsterdam EBRT Demo (line 300) is based on the implementation of an EBRT in the densely populated city of Amsterdam. The EBRT line 300 is running between Amsterdam, the nearby city Haarlem and Schiphol Airport, on dedicated infrastructure with priority at crossings. 

With the whole country fast scaling up bus electrification, the demand for electric energy is increasing and power grid facilitating the demand is reaching its limits, and network providers cannot deliver the required grid connections and capacity to support the EBRT operation at preferred locations under normal operating conditions.

To increase the robustness and cope with the grid limitations, an innovative solution will be demonstrated at the bus depot by linking the grid connection to a large-scale stationary battery buffer system of 1MWh and connect the charging infrastructure to a load management system that uses energy from the buffer and the grid connection.

This new storage facility will showcase to which extend peak shaving, combined with energy storage, can contribute to solving the network capacity limitations, by using innovative a new hybrid charging system and smart control units, and a new Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) as standalone system unit to minimise the peak power demand. An advanced IoT monitoring platform based on AI will be introduces to estimate the SoC and energy consumption and to optimise the charging process, resulting in lowering the charging trips to the depot by 25% per day and saving up to 5% in charging energy.

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