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Efficient hybrid mode charging EBRT


What is happening

This demo will see the revive and upgrade of a BRT-like express bus line (former X14 bus line) operated in the same corridor and following a BRT service concept during the Athens 2004 Olympics.

The Athens EBRT line will showcase a hybrid charging concept, which will exploit existing trolleybus catenary combining typical, depot charging e-buses, trolleybuses and e-buses capable of using trolleybus catenary for opportunity charging (hybrid EBRT buses), using on-board chargers and pantographs. 

The line will connect the Fix metro station in the Athens downtown area and the Stavros Niarchos cultural centre, next to the Athens coastline (Athens Riviera), and will have a length of 4 km per direction. The line will operate along Syggrou corridor, a four-lane urban freeway. 

The core demo will focus on innovations mounted in hybrid EBRT buses, which will also include improved, multi-phase energy efficient traction motor, optimised power charging management software, tailor-made for catenary-based charging, lightweight battery box. 

From a service perspective, innovations will consider and exploit the options of 5G based connectivity IoT between vehicles and the eBRT control center, a sensor-based system for passenger presence/counting in stops. This will allow skip stopping operations and a set of specially designed digital twin and data driven systems for combined operations and power consumption planning, based on different parameters such as the weather, expected loads and so on.