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TMB, Applus Idiada, Irizar, Factual, UPC, CRM

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Use Case

Upgrading a heavy-demand bus route with connectivity and high-service capabilities


What is happening

The Barcelona EBRT line will run and demonstrate the “Spanish livery” of the European EBRT concept, connectivity, and high-level service. This BRT line will be the upgrade of the heavy-demand diametrical bus route H12 (28.000 pax on working days) that crosses the city and serves the downtown, running on a high-density traffic corridor. It is interconnected with several premium bus routes, metro lines, tramways and regional railways. The bus priority management technology that will be implemented at several intersections will ensure regularity and increase commercial speed. 

The 21 articulated high-capacity e-buses will be equipped with IoT sensor technology onboard that feeds the bus operator’s big data analytics developments. Strategic bus stops will have IoT sensor technology to capture their activity and user behaviour feeding the big data analytics too. The demo will achieve further efficiency by integrating smart charging and management systems with energy efficiency improvements foreseen. 

Charging in the bus depots will be done with smart and modular depot chargers with 50-150 kW units with the latest OCPP (open charge protocols) and smart charging that manages maximum energy at the depot through the bus loading process according to departure times. Two double en-route opportunity charging stations at the terminals will power the articulated electric buses during recovery times.

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