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Scania, ETRA

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Use Case

Bogota as basis for an international demonstration and validation cluster


What is happening

The Bogota EBRT demo aims to evolve its central axis of passengers transport into a truly sustainable, efficient and safe mobility system. The provision of new BEV feeder buses and their proper integration in the Transmilenio’s fleet management and operation system will be complemented by the development and deployment of smart tools and added value services aimed at guaranteeing the optimum operation of the EBRT system in Bogota.

In particular, safety will be addressed via the latest ADAS systems and new services onboard to anticipate vehicle maneuvers and enhance the situational awareness on the e-bus environment, increasing VRUs protection and passengers safety. In terms of efficiency, ITS solutions will be developed to optimise operation in combination with training support to improve e-bus driving quality and user’s comfort. 

The Bogota EBRT innovations will address fleet management, including the provision of information for control centres and bus drivers and innovative services with added value for PTOs. The dynamic priority management services to be developed at some intersections will optimize the operation and punctuality of the e-buses. 

Energy efficiency during vehicle operation will be optimised by developing added value services to integrate real-time information coming from onboard e-bus sensors, signals/systems and the infrastructure. At depots, innovative smart charging solutions for large fleet charging management will be provided, optimising the power supplied to the e-buses based on the priorities and restrictions set by the operator, grid requirements and electricity cost.

The demonstration activities in Bogota will be complemented by feasibility studies and small-scale demonstration at main BRT lines in Quito, Ecuador, Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This will help validating the EBRT 2030 approach, foster the development of partnerships with local authorities, operators and entrepreneurs and test business models.