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eBRT2030 at the UITP Summit: join the discussion!

From 4 to 7 June, the UITP Global Public Transport Summit will take place in Barcelona, and eBRT2030 will be present! The project will organise three events.

Future eBRT2030 Cities User Group

On Sunday 4 June, there will be the ‘Future eBRT cities’ User Group & Bus Division event. The objective of the User Group ‘Future eBRT cities’ is to stimulate further uptake of the project’s concepts and results by relevant stakeholders in Europe and beyond.

This first meeting, in collaboration with the UITP Bus Division, will bring together international experts and stakeholders to delve into the latest trends in Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). Focusing on the electrification of demanding bus routes, this session aims to generate awareness of the eBRT2030 project within the UITP community. Engaging discussions and interactions among members and friends will revolve around key BRT topics in an international context facilitated by UITP. Furthermore, the replicability and transferability of the project’s innovations, particularly for the global south will be discussed. Speakers will include:

  • Renée Amilcar, Chair UITP Bus Divion & UITP President-Elect
  • Arnd Bätzner, Mobility Genossenschaft & Vice-Chair UITP Trolleybus Committee
  • Umberto Guida, Head of third-party projects strategy, UITP
  • Roundtable speakers:
    • (moderator) Arno Kerkhof, Head of Bus Unit, UITP
    • Michael Eshleman, Service Planning Manager, AC Transit
    • Juan Carlos Abascal, Mobility Director for Latam, Mobility Ado
    • Liliana Donato, Director General, ATB
    • Sergio Fernández Balaguer, Head of International Department, EMT Madrid
    • Edwins Mukabanah, Managing Director, Kenya Bus Service Management & UITP Vice-President

The event on Sunday is a walk-in event and open to everyone (but you can also register here).

Showcasing EBRT innovation

Also on the Monday there are two walk-in eBRT2030 events. At 13.00, the ‘Innovation in the Spotlight session’, participants will explore the concrete example of how innovations of the project will help improving the mobility in the city of Barcelona. The following speakers will be present:

  • Patrick Mercier-Handisyde, Senior Policy Officer, Future Urban & Mobility Systems, European Commission, DG RDT, Belgium
  • Josep Mension Camps, Director Bus Central Services Division, TMB, Spain
  • (moderator) Flavio Grazian, Project Manager – Knowledge & Innovation, UITP, Belgium

In the afternoon (15.00 – 17.00) the workshop ‘eBRT2030: Paving the Road Towards the eBRT Systems of the Future’ will focus on the characterisation and benchmarking of today’s BRT systems around the globe.

The full programme of the UITP Summit can be found here.