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eBRT2030 exchanges with sector at UITP Bus and Trolleybus Committees

In April and May 2023, the eBRT2030 project has organised workshops at the UITP Bus Committee in Birmingham and the UITP Trolleybus Committee in Cagliari.

The workshops were linked to Task 2.1, the Characterization of BRT systems today in Europe and in other regions. The workshops aimed at involving the UITP Bus and Trolleybus community in the validation of projects concepts, as well as getting their feedback on the essential elements that characterise a BRT system.

In addition to eBRT2030, other EU-projects the Clean Bus Europe Platform (CBEP) and JIVE/JIVE2 were also featured at the Committee meetings, organising dedicated technical visits, trainings, and user group meetings.

The workshops provided very valuable insights that will be used to progress the eBRT2030 project.