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eBRT2030 highlights project goals at UITP Summit in Barcelona

After the ITS European Congress in Lisbon, in June 2023 eBRT2030 took to the stage in another major congress to raise awareness on project goals and scope. The UITP Global Public Transport Summit brings together major stakeholders in public transport and sustainable mobility and provided a perfect platform for project partners to highlight eBRT2030.

Expanding the uptake of eBRT2030

eBRT2030 even had the honour to ‘open’ the UITP Summit with its side-event ‘Expanding the uptake of eBRT2030’ being the first open activity. Held together with the UITP Bus Division meeting, it was the first gathering of the project’s User Group ‘Future eBRT Cities’ and brought together international experts to delve into the latest trends in Bus Rapid Transit.

The side-event was opened by Renée Amilcar, the newly elected UITP President and departing Chair of the UITP Bus Division. “Platforms of exchange such as this one of today, are of the greatest importance in order to foster knowledge sharing and to pave the road to implement more efficient and sustainable solutions for urban mobility”, she said.

The meeting saw pivotal discussions among members and experts on key BRT topics such as the electrification of demanding bus routes. High on the agenda was also international BRT. Our roundtable saw experts from AC Transit, MOBILITY ADO, ATB Azienda Trasporti Bergamo, EMT Madrid & Kenya Bus Service Management discussing key BRT topics in the international context, including replicability and transferability of project innovations particularly for the global South.

eBRT2030 in the spotlight

On the Monday, the Innovation in the Spotlight session “Electric & Innovative BRT for green cities: eBRT2030 for sustainable transport”, speakers showcased a concrete example of how the innovations of the project will help improving the mobility in the city of Barcelona.

Project partner Factual showcased a dynamic mapping tool as one of the future outcomes of the project, while Patrick Mercier-Handisyde of the European Commission discussed how the project fits into the EC’s strategy of advancing electric mobility in Europe while also replicating innovations and knowledge for other global regions.

And there was more..! eBRT2030 was highlighted all over the Summit, including an E-Poster session on BRT in the Bologna region, a workshop on the characterisation of EBRT systems, and dissemination of project material at the UITP Stand.