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Results of the 1st General Assembly

Rimini, 20-22 November 2023

In the Italian city of Rimini, eBRT held the project’s inaugural General Assembly. Rimini is one of the 6+1 eBRT Demos from the project’s eBRT-Trolley pillar.

The Emilia Romagna region and city of Rimini showed their commitment to advancing public transport and sustainable mobility through enhancing and extending Metromare amongst many other measures, as well as their excitement in testing and implementing the innovations the eBRT2030 will bring to the sector.

The eBRT2030 project partners witnessed and enjoyed a great technical visit on the Metromare, which currently connects the bus terminals near Rimini and Riccione railway stations in about 23 minutes making 15 intermediate stops. The electric BRT corridor has a length of more than 10 km, partly operated with single lane sections with railway-like signalisation and operations with a single one and is serviced with 18m fullly electric trolleybuses with in-motion charging.

There was a packed house in attendance, with more than 80 participants, which certainly shows the high commitment to the project from all partners, who elevated the level of the discussions during the meeting and networking gatherings through their excitement and expertise. In addition, special thanks to the Project Officer, partners and colleagues who joined and participated in the meeting online.

The eBRT2030 project consortium thanks the project partner and Metromare operator START Romagna for their warm welcome and support to the project. Special thanks to Roberta Frisoni, Councillor for Mobility, the City of Rimini, Claudio Sanna, Director General, START Romagna, Roberto D’Andrea, PMR, Veronica Sgarra (ASSTRA) and Alessandro Meggiato, Emilia-Romagna Region.

Gallery pictures provided by the host START Romagna.