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Advancing emissions reduction, customer experience, a safety and costs with EBRT


What is happening


Rimini’s EBRT line called “MetroMare” will be the backbone of the future structure of sustainable mobility along Emilia-Romagna coastline. Currently it connects the bus terminals near Rimini and Riccione railway stations in about 23 minutes with fully electric trolleybuses making 15 intermediate stops. The BRT line section has a length of 9.8 km, partly with a double lane and partly with a single one and is serviced with 18m full electric trolleybuses. 

The demonstration will improve the “MetroMare” line by an efficient program of predictive maintenance based on an ITS system and data input from onboard and offboard sensors and transferred via LTE/5G or WiFi along the track or in the depot. Through the predictive maintenance an improvement of 10% on battery life and close to 5% in TCO reduction is expected.

In addition, an active safety system and a real time passenger counting onboard and at every stop to trim service scheduling according to real service demand will be linked to the control centre. Finally, through its interconnection with main bus routes and railways, an integrated charging hub concept at the terminal and parking sites along the main stops will be demonstrated and linked as charging service information (for e-cars and e-bikes) into existing MaaS app.

How has Rimini’s ‘MetroMare’ BRT line evolved over the years, and what were the challenges on the way? In this City Profile, eBRT2030 partners give valuable recommendations about succesfully deploying a BRT.

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