2nd meeting of the Future eBRT Cities User Group

There’s nothing like seeing it for yourself. To effectively advance bus rapid transit, the global experts and professionals in our “Future eBRT Cities User Group” visit and study cities across the world with BRT systems and other innovative solutions. In June 2023, that city was Barcelona, Spain. This February 2024, the second User Group meeting took place in Lund, Sweden for a two-day study tour of the southern region of Scania.

22 global members from Spain, Jordan, Malta and many other countries and territories had a busy schedule in the Swedish university city. Hosted by K2 and Trivector, both based in Lund and partners in eBRT2030, visiting members participated in several sessions and technical visits. In exploring the BRT networks of the major cities of Malmö and Helsingborg, as well as Lund’s light rail line, the User Group came away with a better understanding of the history, strategy, planning, and implementation of the region’s public transport system.

Inspired by these visits, the User Group members had interesting discussions and took part in an “eBRT Scorecard” assignment to analyse the local BRT and LRT systems. You can discover more about this in eBRT2030’s latest report, ‘On the road to a concept for BRT‘. In addition, informative presentations from K2 and Trivector explored in depth several key topics when it comes to eBRT:

  • Bus electrification
  • Why do cities invest in bus priority?
  • Implications of BRT on pedestrians’ traffic safety
  • Collaborative challenges and barriers when planning BRT

Moving forward, the group is currently drawing up their key findings from the visit. For now, and the future ahead, the User Group will further discuss and exchange on how best to help cities, authorities, and operators enhance their public networks with effective BRTs.

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